Monday, May 23, 2011

Special Artist Feature - SusieTenzer

I have been having a difficult time lately coming up with blog posts so decided I will do something that is fairly simple and will help out other artists!

I am going to be featuring some wonderful artists on my blog. Today I will start with SusieTenzer.

Here is what Susie has to say:

I'm a colored pencil artist. I'm a retired teacher & returned to my artistic roots about a year ago. I've done many different mediums, but colored pencil is a great fit for me.

In the past year I've juried in art shows, opened my shops on Etsy & Artfire & was invited to sell my art in a gallery!

I heard about Etsy from a friend. I'm about to open another shop, ZigZagArts, which will feature decoupage glass plates, platters & bowls.

Susie just joined the Promotional Frenzy team which I am on and I wanted to help her feel welcome to the team and get the team to know a bit about her.

Here is a sample of Susie's beautiful work!

Good luck Susie with this shop and your new one!

You can also find Susie here:


galla15 said...

We are SO glad to have her with the team. We love motivated shops! WAY TO GO!!!!

PaintedMemoriesByRosella said...

I love Suzie's work. I saw her in a treasury and hearted her shop and one of her pieces. Wonderful artist.

CalliopeCreations said...

I could hardly believe that Susie's art is done with colored pencils.

Her pencils are more talented than mine.

Wonderful work. Incredible detail and depth of color.

myminimocs said...

lovely work!!!!

Madd Dogg of Tomorrow said...

Really nice blog post about a very talented artist.

Deb said...
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Deb said...

uniquecozytreasures - Love the paintings!

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