Monday, July 27, 2009

Our day at Shining Waters Park in Cavendish Beach

We made a tradition of going to a park in Cavendish each year. It started off years ago when we did not like to take our boys to the carnival in town. My sister in law and I decided to make a day of it at Rainbow Valley...a beautiful park that no longer exists...We took a picnic lunch and spent the whole day. The next year my sister joined with her 2 little girls, the next year another sister with her children then the following year the whole family went including the guys! As the years went by it was harder and harder to get everyone together so we set a date and who ever can goes!

Two years ago they closed our favorite park but a new one opened so we tried it...not as nice but it is building up!! It is the Shining Waters water park...lots of great water slides...the kids love it!

This year our group was really small...myself and grandson, sister, her boyfriend and 3 girls, my brother and his granddaughter...but we still had a blast. The weather was perfect. It was crowded at first but got better later. We took lots of snacks for the children to enjoy...we found out over the years they did not want to take time to eat so we pack lots of goodies for them with juices and water.

We arrived at noon and stayed til 6pm. The kids said they were not ready to leave but not one lasted til we got home ...all had a nap! Fun was had by all...everyone was happy and tired! We are already trying to set up another day...this time it will be "Old Home Week"...our largest local festival...animal shows, talent shows, horse racing, parade and a carnival!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wow, My Consignment Shops are taking off for Me!

I have been selling in consignment shops for the past 4 years...Things have been good but not great so this year I got a chance to put my crafts in a few more of them. I now have a total of 5 consignment shops...3 are seasonal and 2 are year around.

I left some inventory at each which pretty well wiped me out as you can tell by my Etsy shop. I have slowly been building up some more but did not want to get too far ahead incase this year was not a good one and I ended up taking it all home in October.

Last week #1 called needed more oven mitt sets..fine made those up~! 3 days ago shop #2 called and had a lady there who wanted 4 adult bibs I only had 2 in the shop that she wanted so needed 2 more problem so then the owner said oh, make up some more for the shop!! Today shop #3 called...this one is a high end shop and is running yearly...she wanted a dozen more of baby bibs, oven mitt sets and oven door dress towels...yikes and she wants them now!!!

Well...I did not too bad ...I have 7 oven door dresses made tonight for her and 6 oven mitt sets. Good job I was ahead in the bibs because they were no problem.

I will have to take a week of work to get caught up...still need those adult bibs ... 2 of which are already sold and 5 more oven door dresses and 6 more oven mitt sets!

I guess I had better not complain as things have been really slow on Etsy.

Next it will be time to get ready for the Christmas Craft Fairs....I have 5 of them this year as well.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My 3 day concert in Cavendish

I am not much of a party person and do not really care for crowds but wanted to see Reba McEntyre so off we went to a 3 day event!

It was a sister, her boyfriend, hubby and I rented a 2 bedroom cottage not far from the concert site in Cavendish, PEI. It was a nice set up with a back deck and bbque included. It overlooked the river and I overlooked taking pictures of this beautiful site!

Friday started off with a bang...Big and Rich performed and so did Doc Walker who put on one heck of a show.

Saturday was another great line up of some local talent and headlining Tim McGraw...his show was very professional...not much interaction but great music.

Sunday was my favorite day...Paul Brandt and my idol...Reba...that is one awesome lady and does she know how to perform. The crowd was made up of everyone from toddlers to seniors. All cheering and singing her top hits..she was so great she even had tears in her eyes when the crowd sang the biggest part of one of her songs that she started then stopped singing.

Her encore was Fancy and she was Fancy...she went off stage and returned 2 minutes later in a slinky red dress and high heels when she previous was wearing jeans, boots and tshirt!

I would head back tomorrow to see her!

To top it all off it was very well organized and the weather was perfect!

Wonderful Quotes to live by!

"Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you."

~ William Arthur Ward