Saturday, February 27, 2010

Strolling Through Etsy....

I am off on another stroll through the beautiful shops of Etsy. I will start with a few great artists that are on my teams. I love the friendship and support you get from being a team member.

My first stop will be in Kimbuktu's shop...she is a member of the Quiltsy Team with me. Her shop features a variety of items from bags to placemats to quilts. At the time she does not have a quilt in her shop but am sure we will see one soon.

My next stop is Sharonilg's shop, she has 3 different ones and the one I am going to feature is helping in a very special way, 50% of the proceeds go to StJudes Hospital Childrens Hospital. Sharon makes beautiful tole painted hearts:

Now I am on to a member of the Quiltsy Team, this is a team made up of ladies that love to sew and quilt. They make a variety of items that are quilted and other neat things too. My feature artist from that team is Secondsantuary, she is a minister in her other world but a fantastic quilter in the Etsy world...her shop is a must to stop into: lets head off to the WiseWildandWitty Grandmothers team.... It is so much fun to see what people do in their retirement but not all of these fabulous ladies are retired and some are way to young to be a grandmother ( just like Sewinggranny.. you would never mistake her for a loving every minute of it). Today I would love to show of MountainsideCrochet...she loves to crochet but has been known to do some plastic canvas work as well. Her descriptions of her crafts are so cute...they all tell a story. Mountain had a great summer doing the Market and all the little ones loved her little critters.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Featured Artists of the Day....

I enjoy checking out the shops on Etsy and seeing all the beautiful items by such talented people. I plan to feature a number of artists each week...I was unsure how to decide who to feature than decided I will feature the ones that like to check out other artists. Those features will be the ones that have commented on my past blog posts on the talent on Etsy.

GrandmaLindasHouse has a beautiful shop with a variety of items. Linda is a very talented Grandmother that enjoys sewing and is very active in the WiseWittyWild Grandmother team. Her Barbie doll outfits are the hit of her shop:

NewEnglandQuilter is another artist that sews alot...she does make quilts but the favorite from her shop for me is her neat little educational memory matching games:

CraftsbyChris makes the most fabulous beads....she is also part of the Etsy Angels and they are one of her biggest customers. Her beads make the most gorgeous jewelry. Here are a few of her beads:

BoutiqueKarma is another artist that does lots of sewing. She is a fellow Canadian and her shop features coffee cozies, mug huggers and crayonrolls:

Circleinthesand is a great Etsy seller, she participates in a number of teams and always starts new threads each day to promote new items, blogs, treasuries,etc.
Her shop features mostly supplies but does have a few hand made items..

Silkcreeksoaps has a wonderful shop....she was orginally called Sissysoaps but has since changed her shop name. She is a member of the Etsy Angels and takes part in all our fund raisers. Silkcreeksoaps will do a special order just for you in one of her many sure to check her shop out. Her goats milk handmade soaps are so devine....

My Kitchen Renovation

I love to decorate and change my home but do not like the mess so I have put off my Kitchen renovation for a number of years. When we bought our home many years ago it was the home of an elderly gentleman and he built it to suit his lifestyle. The walls were all panel board. I have papered, painted and added wainscotting to it. That was so outdated I decided this was the was going to be renovated!

We had the walls all gyproced and changed out the doors for the provincial colonial white style. The trim is white colonial as well. It took me some time to decide my color ....the first choice was much oranger than I wanted so back to the hardware store where the clerk added more brown pigment...I love it. The most astonishing thing is that so does my husband.

We hired a carpenter to do the gyprocing, put in doors and frames and the new trim. My husbands coworker did the seam filling and he did a great job. I did the primer and 2 coats of paint. Also decided to paint our ceiling as is stuccoed in a very nice design. I painted the cupboards one color that is two shades lighter than the walls. This is the first time I did the doors and background the same color. Still not sure if I like this or not.

Well as usual things progressed and the floors looked so out of place that we opted to change it too while at it. We picked the new style of laminated flooring that looks like tile. Counter top now needs to be changed and will do so with in the next few weeks...I want it to match the island I have.

I am so in love with my new kitchen...can not believe it is the same one. It is just beautiful with new accessories up...
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jack Frost Festival

The Jack Frost Festival is an annual winter festival here on Prince Edward Island. It is one of the biggest and best in Canada. It features 3 different venues...The outdoor park on the Waterfront Landing with huge snow slides, beautiful ice and snow sculptures, sleigh rides, outdoor skating rink, snow maze and cartoon characters roaming around.

The indoor playground at the Civic Center featuring childrens shows, rides, face painting, petting zoo and food. The 3rd venue is at one of our malls and has projects for the kids to work, legos, crafting plus this year there was a princess room where the girls were made up like princesses and a super man hero training room for the boys.

The Festival has become a traditon for my grandson and I for the past 5 years. This year his maternal grandmother wanted to join us and he wanted his cousin to come to.. so off went the 4 of us for the 2 of the 3 days. This year it was a beautiful weekend.

We spent most of Saturday at the outdoor park....the kids had a blast and so did the adults...I went down the great Cat slide in a tube (no pictures of that graceful act but have one of the kids doing it).

The ice and snow sculpures were beautiful and the theme was the Olympics.

My neighbours sons won the competetion with this outstanding creation.

The children loved the 10 foot snowman! He was amazing.

Each night there was a great fire works display. They went all out this year. They lit up the sky for over 30 minutes.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Critters for Charity

I belong to the Etsy Angel team and every second month we do a charity event that raises money for very worthy causes. One of the members of our team began to make little "critters" to help raise money for thos cause. Ozarknana is a great artist that loves to sew and make neat items for children. Ozarknana is a very generous,caring, giving lady that has helped in many charities.

Her little critters are so cute and she has created one as a mascot for each of the charities that we did.

I would like you to meet each of these cute little critters....

Boobie the cow for Breast Cancer Awarenes:

Tilly the Turtle for the Anderson House that is a shelter for Abused women and Children....

Wise Owl for the American Diabetic Association....

Hero Bear was The Etsy Angel's Hero Bear was created to honor those that have given their lives to "serve and protect" us all. 50% of the proceeds from this bear will be donated to Answer the Call, won't you please help us raise money for the families these Hero's left behind?

Meet Captain Hungry Hero! He helps fight hunger for the Friendly Kitchen....

Prim kitty was created for the American Heart Association.....

Stay tuned as there will be more cute little critters I am sure.... our next charity will be next month!

Thank you Melana(Ozarknana) for your tribute to these worthy causes...Hugs!~!~

Be sure to visit her shop:

Wonderful Quotes to live by!

"Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you."

~ William Arthur Ward