Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just for The Children

Today I would like to highlight a lady that is all about the children. Her wonderful shop and blog are both centered on them. I met Annie on the Etsy Angels Team...she is a wonderful addition to our team.

MyMiniMocs is Annie, the owner and designer of Mini-Mocs. Mini-Mocs, Inc. was started in 2005 for the love of babies' feet and the desire for a fashionable alternative in children's footwear.

My best friend & sister has six beautiful children and when it came time to putting shoes on their feet and keeping them there her choices were far & few between. She found herself limited to shoes made in China including many of the larger brands and most others all looked alike.

Developing mini-mocs became a mission. We set out to develop a child's shoe that put the health of children's feet first accompanied by the wonderful benefits of being incredibe flexible, machine washabie and having a stay on fit. Like all of our products Mini-Mocs are made with materials that exceed the US government safety standards for childrens product and are handmade in the USA. Mini-Mocs are available in four sizes. They are pediatrician recommended.

Annie's shop is bare right now as she is filling a huge wholesale order! But I am sure if you do not see what you are looking for she will be more than happy to help you out.

Her blog
is a wealth of information on children...it is a must for parents.


myminimocs said...

thank you ♥ Mona for your encouragement!!! your ROCK!

myminimocs said...

you ROCK!!! you're not a ROCK! ;) although you are a rock of a leader on the Etsy ♥ Angels team!!!
thanks for all you do!

Kristi Michelle said...

oh such adorable baby shoes! lovely feature :o)

ByNanasHands said...

My baby grandson has a pair of these and he LOVES them! So soft yet they protect his little toes...I highly recommend Mini-Mocs!

Jill Q said...

Adorable little shoes!

Ooh Leela! said...

Love the blog post Mona. Annie's work certainly deserves to be showcased. Annie, congrats on the huge order :) We are happy for you!!!

BeadedTail said...

Annie is such a special angel and her Mini-mocs are so cute! Lovely feature!

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