Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crafting is an Addiction....

There are lots of different crafting venues....from beading to scrapbooking. Some artists can stick to one craft where others have many on the go at the same time. I am going to feature a few of those.

I would like to start with my addiction....sewing and quilting! Here are a few of the items that I enjoyed making that were in my shop Sewinggranny:

I love to sew but for the life of me I can not follow a pattern nor could I imagine making clothing....let alone clothing for Barbie dolls. Grandmalindahouse makes the most adorable little outfits for Barbie:

Soap making is also a kind of crafting that can take over your time very quickly. Silkcreekgallery is one of those ladies...she had a jewelry shop and moved on to making soap. Her new shop is Silkcreeksoaps . Here is an example of her neat soaps:

Soapstarcanada also makes soap. My favorite is body wash:

I find jewelry making fascinating especially wire wrapping. Craftsbychris has gorgeous rings that are wire wrapped, I loved this one so much that I purchased one for my Daughter in law and her Mom:

I have always been in awe of those artists that cross stitch. The work is so amazing and so detailed...You have got to check out GThreads shop.

Stay tuned for the next installment of our crafting addictions!


Chris said...

Wow! Lots of gorgeous items to go check out. Thanks Mona for including my ring in your selections.

GThreads said...

Cinderella is every girl's dream. One of my favourites as I did one over one for her face, shoulders,hands and foot. Thanks so much for having her in your blog.

JNpottery said...

Beautiful choices from your collections and others.

I am certainly addicted to clay. If I'm not at home or at work, I'm probably at the studio.rengin

BeadedTail said...

Wonderful choices Mona! I can't sew so am always in awe of those that can make such lovely things like you! Making soapy goodies is one addiction I'd like to start since I just love them. For now I'll stick to my beading addiction!

Mountainside Crochet said...

I agree - 'Crafting' IS an addition. My craft is crochet and if I go more than a day or two without a crochet hook in my hand and some pretty yarn, I go into 'withdrawal' :-). Lovely items you have featured here!

Amanda said...

Lovely blog post!
I can barely sew a button on, so I know that's not my stronghold! LOL! I am a jewelry/beading addict...beads beads beads!!!!

CBLandCO. Jewelry And Gifts said...

Love your blog post Mona! We all have our vices :) My world revolves around beads LOL

soapstar said...

I love your beautiful quilts! ..and yes, crafting is definitely a fabulous addiction - thankyou for featuring my milk & honey bodywash ☺
love silkcreeksoaps ♥

Jill said...

Definitely addicted to crafting!!!

enchanted quilling said...

Wonderful collection you have gathered together here, and yes I can agree crafting is my addiction and I hope to never give it up!

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