Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quilts are so Unique....

I am a fanatic about quilts...I love to make them, look at them and use them. I love to hand quilt but have seen many gorgeous ones that are machine quilted too.

One of my great pasttimes is to check out the very talented quilters on Etsy. It is one of the reason that I joined the Quiltsy Team. There are many amazing quilters on this team. Their eye for color and design amazes me.

Lets take a peek at a few that just popped out at me in my search...this is by no means the only great ones available..

This adorable quilt features the tumbler pattern in wonderful pink and brown designs and is machine quilted and pieced by Warmfuzzies. What young girl would not love to cuddle up with it!

Anna Mae is like a step back in time. With hopscotch, baby dolls and dreaming of a canopy bed. The girls are machine appliqued on by QuiltPetaler.

I can not describe this beautiful quilt so I will use SuzyQQuilts own words for it - Perfect for snuggling on the couch in front of a fire, a stylish way to keep your legs warm at an outdoor sporting event, a great accent to a room strewn over a couch or chair, or the perfect backdrop for an outdoor picnic.

I would like to now show you one of my no means as gorgeous as the above ones but I am very proud of it. It was made for myself but took me so long to hand quilt that I had changed my room decor before it was finished... This beautiful blue quilt is packed away but would love to sell it and see it on a bed -

QuiltingFrenzy has a great quilt for the vintage car collector...we are always looking for something for the man in our lives. This is just perfect!

Bonbonsandmore has a unique quilt in her collection...What is a crumb block? It is a true scrap block....when I'm working on a project, I save almost every trimming and left over pieces....CRUMBS! I keep them in a box, and when I want to stitch without stress, I start sewing these pieces together! The results are always interesting...
certainly not boring!

I am also working on a crazy quilt that will be using up alot of my scraps...stay tuned for it and many more quilts that I will be highlighting.


Attack of the Vintage said...

Great blog post! I am feeling all cozy now with all the beautiful quilts!

circleinthesand said...

Oh my goodness, these are all just absolutely beautiful!! I am so happy to see that the art of quilting has not been lost. I adore quilts. We have two quilts in our home that were handsewn by Aunts who have long ago left us...and a special quilt that we received for christmas two years ago from my SIL - it has photos of all the family members!! Great blog post, Mona!!!

Linda said...
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Linda said...

Sorry about removing the previous comment. I didn't proofread it!
What I meant to say is that I love looking at quilts and always enjoy reading your blog posts. They are fun and interesting.

kimbuktu said...

Great Selections!

CBLandCO. Jewelry And Gifts said...

Great blog post Mona and what beautiful selections!
I so love the quilt you made for me :) I am also loving that flower quilt by SuzyQQuilts!

BeadedTail said...

Such beautiful quilts! I admire you and the others for being able to create such lovely quilts.

suzyQuilts said...

Wonderful post! Thank you so much for including my Mocha Maddness. It's one of my absolute favorites and my favorite color pallette!

Amanda said...

Love all the quilts! And, yes, they're all so unique!!!!

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