Saturday, August 15, 2009

Custom Orders

I love to sew and to make things that people want. It is so rewarding when people will see something in your shop and then request the same in a different color or theme to match their style.

Since joining Etsy I have made many different custom orders some were as I stated earlier just different themes or colors but others have requested that I make something entirely different from my shop! Those are fun too.

Sandy of SayitwithJewelry( saw a set of placemats that I was promoting on the forums and requested this neat set for her daughter along with matching napkins which I have never made before!( Hope I can get pictures to go in right order this time). Sandy was going on vacation and just purchased by seeing the fabric she has not seen the finished product yet.

Another great customer of mine is Lisa of Cblandcompany and Beadznstonezsupplies( She is a super lady to work with...I have made many things for her over the past 2 years....wallhanging, placemats, oven mitts, table runners, Christmas stockings. My greatest accomplishment was the quilt that she had me custom make for her...It turned out huge and beautiful. You can see it here and read about how it was made ( She has more orders in the wings for me too when she finds the fabric she likes. Keep them coming Lisa I love decorating your!

Melana, Ozarknana( is another terrific customer...I have made many diffenent items for her..including this beautiful star table mat and potholders to match.

Judy, Satinpetalsoaps( got me started on custom orders by ordering little satin bags for her homemade soaps. She kept me really busy until she had to take a break from her shop. I hope to see her back at it soon.

I enjoy a challenge as long as it does not involve a pattern I do not follow patterns ....most of my sewing is free hand.

So if anyone has a custom order they would like to have sewn just drop me a line.

Now I am off to mail my latest custom order to Sandy's daughter...hope it arrives in time for her birthday!


BeadedTail said...

Wonderful variety of handmade goodness! I love those black and white placemats!

ByNanasHands said...

Mona, your custom orders are so beautiful! I love my star sunflower doily and matching pot do such beautiful work!

CBLandCO. Jewelry And Gifts said...

Mona, you are just amazingly talented! Everything you have made for me is special. I look forward to having change my house over to a western theme soon :)

Amanda said...

ooooh!! Lovely showcase of some of your custom orders! I love that black and white floral set!! It's gorgeous!

Whimsical Creations said...

Fabulous custom orders!! You have done a great job!

Christine Burgess said...

You have a wonderful talent and isn't it nice to enjoy what you do.
I am sure you have many more custom orders in your future!

Splendid Little Stars said...

love that black and white fabric!

Sandy said...

Mona, My daughter loved the custom place mats and napkins. Thank you for helping make her Birthday special.

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