Monday, October 20, 2008

CBLandCompany...a great customer, seller, and friend!

Today I am going to blog about a great lady that I met online on Etsy! CBLandCompany {Lisa} is a great lady...she is a friend to all...two and four legged! She is a very good artist and she is an excellent customer!! Over the past 8 months I have gotten to know alot about her and wish I could be more than an online friend. She is so caring and helpful to all.

Lisa jumps right in there and helps with many fund raisers as she is now with the Etsy Angels' fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness!

Lisa is an Artist/Designer who founded her business, Creations By Lisa & Company in 1988. With a love for both the earthy, western styles incorporating natures bounty of Gemstones and the elegance as well as playfulness achieved from Artist Glass. She creates beautifully diverse product lines for you to enjoy. She has a great love for animals and her work allows her to donate money to many animal welfare agencies / shelters. Lisa is a member of the Etsy For Animals Street Team, Artist Helping Animals and Etsy Angels Street Team.

You can visit her at blog:
and at her shop:

Lisa has been a wonderful customer...she has bought a number of items from my shop and has requested many custom orders!

One was a queen sized quilt...that I so enjoyed making! Her latest was this neat kitchen set including 2 table runners, 4 placemats and a poholder set in pinecones!

And there you have a bit about one of my Special Angels....thanks Lisa and it has been so much fun getting to know you...hope we have many years as online friends!


Crochet by Momma J said...

Lisa has such beautiful items in her shop!


CBL&CO. Jewelry & Gifts said...

Mona, you are truly one of the sweetest people I know!
You've got me all teary eyed girl!
Thank you for the lovely feature on your blog! I am honored :)
You know I am a huge fan of your work and I treasure my friendship with you and my other Etsy Angel friends. What a beautiful group of ladies!
(( HUGS ))


MamaJody said...

You are so right, granny, CB is great!!!

CBL&CO. Jewelry & Gifts said...

Mona, I just LOVE the pine cone set you just finished for me! Can't wait to get it.
I have so many wonderful things from you :) You have really made my new house a little more special.
I love ya to pieces :)

Aw, thanks for the compliments ladies! I think all of you and your shops are special :)


Amanda said...

ooooh, great feature!!!

I LOVE LISA!!! She is super sweet, and soooooo full of important information that I truly appreciate!!!!

And Mona is fabulous herself. Two great Etsy artists, and Etsy Angels!!!

Carrie Sandblom said...

Mona, what a wonderful post about a wonderful lady!! I just love the gorgeous kitchen set.

New England Quilter said...

Lisa sounds like a wonderful lady. I am sure that she is going to love her newest set from your shop.

BeadedTail said...

What a great feature Granny! Lisa is talented and a very special person!

ByNanasHands said...

You are so right about Lisa...she is a sweetheart, but then ALL the Angel's are! Great blog post Mona, I enjoyed reading it....your a special lady..


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