Sunday, September 21, 2008

70 Mile Yard Sale

This was the 11th year for the Annual 70 mile Yard Sale to benefit the Wood Islands Development Corporation....all fees for having your site listed in a booklet are used for events for the community!

I have participated in the event for the past 8 years.....It costs me $15.00 to have my site listed in a booklet that is published and is distributed by our local paper and the Island tourist information centers.

This year there were 150 sites listed....lots more that take advantage of the publicity and set up....which is too bad that they do not spend the few bucks and get their name listed it is great for the community and then it will continue...

My friend and I set up in my yard...we sell crafts, household items, car parts that hubbies will part with, food, clothing and junk...Ummm I mean I made clam chowder and muffins this year and they were all sold before the end of the first day! Most years I make preserves but this year I did not and I had return customers but could not help year maybe!

Grandson always does great...I sell his clothing, toys, games and anything that is from our home or his and the cash goes to his bank account...this year he was here Saturday to help...he had a great time!

I had a great weekend....met new people, seen people I have not seen for years and some people that come regularly for this sale from other areas....we had 8 couples from Florida that travel in their travel trailers every year at this time just so they can participate...they have a ball and I really do not think that they need some of the stuff they all the way from Florida in a gas guzzler to purchase a used sweater or a .25 ornament!

Here are few pictures of our set up....I even purchased a portable garage for our crafts....I sold over $200.00 worth and my friend sold just about as much...her big sale was the beautiful Santa wall hanging....great deal for someone...$45.00! I did get a couple of custom for a baby quilt of Winnie the Pooh and 4 Christmas aprons....a mother, 2 daughters and a step daughter. I wish I had remembered to take some shots when the yard was full of one time we had about 15 cars lined up at the road...

Now the next event is the Christmas craft fairs...first one is November 8st and 9th!


Amanda said...

YaY!! So glad to see your photos from your successful show! Sounds like you had a lot of fun, while making some cash. Now don't go and spend it all on fabric! LOL!!

Still wish I could have gotten my claws on some of those cranberry muffins :)

Valerie said...

Wow - It looks like you had a great turnout and great weather!
Muffins... did you say muffins? Yummmm

BeadedTail said...

The sale sounds like so much fun! Your set up looked fantastic! Glad to hear it was such a success!

New England Quilter said...

Your setup looks great! It sounds like it was a fun and eventful sale! My hubby would have loved to try your clam chowder!

Klymyshyn Design said...

Wow! I'll bet it was nice to have that quilt tent for looks wonderful!

Whimsical Creations said...

wow, that is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Great accomplishment...very inspiring!

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