Thursday, June 26, 2008

My First Etsy Custom Order for a Handquilted Quilt!

It all started with a post to my team mates, The Etsy Angels, of the quilt that I was making for myself. CBLandCompany { Lisa } loved it and decided to order one from me for herself....She loved the colors of mine but wanted a different background. After sending her a sample of the fabrics, she decided to go with hunter green!

Here are samples of the colors and the blades to the fans...I cut 150 blades from 5 different fabrics and sewed them together to make 60 fans.....2 for each of the blocks. I am guessing about 10 hours work here.

Next I cut 30 blocks from the hunter green cloth and appliqued the fans on by hand...each set took1 hour, that is 30 more hours.

Then the stripes were cut from the deep burgandy print and sewn around each block to make the quilt front....3 hours work there.

The quilt front, back and batting were then pinned together and the handquilting began...It took me 1 hour to handquilt each is hand quilted all around the blocks and then the fans....30 hours work!

Last but not least the binding was cut, sewn in strips, folded pressed then added to the quilt....2 more hours....

Ta Da....My master piece....and I hope Lisa's!!!!

I have never sat down and made a quilt and kept track of the hours that I put into one ...this is just a rough sample because while making the fans I was watching TV, doing other things so not quite sure how long it took to cut and make each fan blade! I would say I have about 75 hours into this quilt and loved every minute of it........would I do it again? In a heart beat!!!! Do I make any money at it way! my pictures are not in order but I hope you can see the work that I to hear your comments.....I take constructive critism well!

I would love to make you one of your choice.....just contact me and we can work out the arrangements!


CBL&CO. Jewelry & Gifts said...

OMG, OMG! I just LOVE it Mona!
I couldn't be happier. Your quilt will always have a special place in my heart :)
Thank you so much for all of your hard work and love that has gone into it. (( HUGS ))

Amanda said...

MONA!!! The quilt is absolutely gorgeous. What a treat for Lisa to treasure for the rest of her life.

WOW Lisa, you're one lucky lady to have that quilt! My grandmother makes my sister and I a quilt just about every year. Such a treasure to hold...something that can't ever be replaced. Enjoy yours Lisa!

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Thank you Lisa...this quilt will always mean alot to me too as it is the first one that I custom built....I have made others and gave as gifts and sold a couple that I had made and others bought but this is the first where the customer was in on it from the glad you love it, Lisa.

ElegantSnobbery said...

Wow, just fabulous Mona!!

Annie Howes said...

Mona, it's gorgeous!!! Well done!


Sock Monkey Jungle said...

You are amazing! I can just imagine cb deciding on her decoration preferences that im sure will revolve around the colours in the beautiful quilt for her new home......i also know it will mean so much to her too!! Excellent work Mona you rock!!! x

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