Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Preparing for the Harvest

The fall or as some call it autumn is the most beautiful time of year. There are so many great colors with the leaves changing, the crops getting ripe for harvest and the late flowers.

I love it, it is nice to be outdoors working in the gardens or even getting the wood ready to put in for the winter.

Strolling through the shops of Etsy I was able to find lots of neat items that represent harvest and the fall.

Here is an adorable apron featuring pumpkins and squash by Boojiboo:

I love the smell of pumpkins and cinnamon and Sycamoreboutique has that covered all year around with these great soya candles:

I will help you with your decor for the harvest with these beautiful placemats:

Craftsbycarer will help you stay neat and tidy with this apron while you prepare the harvest preserves:

Gourmetplayfood has a neat card representing fall and harvest...send it off to a friend and invite them over to enjoy some of your vegetables and fruits:

Wildlifer will dress you up for the visit with these cute pumpkin earrings:

This is just a couple of neat fall items, live me a link to something in your shop and I will include you in my next blog post.

Be sure to pass this link along the more that reads our posts the better the chance of getting more into our shops.



circleinthesand said...

I love the Autumn/Fall season too, it's my favorite time of year. I love the colors, the smells, the food.... unfortunately here in NE Florida, we don't get the pretty colors, so I have to be content in looking at everybody's wonderful creations!!

One of my VERY favorite things is candy corn....

see ya

Amanda said...

I LOVE fall, my absolute favorite time of year. But, I too live in the south and we don't get "Fall". Sure, the red maples and flowering dogwoods turn bright red, and hickories turn golden yellow, but this isn't Fall Foliage as I grew up knowing it in the mountains of West Virginia :)
Thanks so much for including my rustic pumpkin earrings...that's one of my favorite creations to date.

Nicole said...

Great finds!! Fall is awesome!!

Momma J said...

Such pretty picks!

ByNanasHands said...

Beautiful choices for Fall! It's my favorite time of year too....

jensdreamdecor said...

yes, fall is my favorite time of the year as well. I got married in the fall and living in BC the thing I miss about the prairies is crunching through the leaves.

Angela said...

Thanks for featuring my Harvest Soy candle in the vintage tin.

Circles - You might like my Candy Corn scented soy candle - it is yummy. Send me a convo, maybe we can swap products :)

Shay S. said...

What a great collection of items. Thank you for featuring my card from my shop!!

Christine Burgess said...

I am so ready for Fall myself. It may be a while before we see it.:)

Very nice post. I enjoyed the photos.

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