Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Newest Discovery - The Answer to Falling Pins

Do you sew? Have you ever dropped a whole tray of stick pins? Well I have and it is not fun trying to pick them all up especially if you have carpet in your sewing room!

I have tried using the little pin cushions that go around your wrist, I have tried a large pin cushion, I have tried using one taped to my sewing machine and nothing works... the velcro let go on wrist cushion or it got caught in the fabric, the big one was in the way.

I am always looking for new and easier ways to do things and when I dropped the dish of pins for the 10th time....hubby went to the shop and returned with a magnet to pick them up....that worked great.

He then asked me what I kept them in and when I told him about all the things I tried he said, "I have just the thing for you."

Off to the shop he went again and came back with a little metal bowl with a magnet attached to the bottom and gave it to me ....

Wow, this dish is just the perfect answer to your pins... I can even turn the bowl upside down and my pins stay put! I even took them to work just sitting in my kit bag and they were still all in the bowl when I took it out of the bag. Here is the dish hanging from my fridge and stove with pins in it and they stay in it!

These little dishes can be purchased at any automotic shop... they are used to keep nuts and bolts from getting lost when the mechanic is working on an automobile. They are very inexpensive.

You must give them a try!!!!


ByNanasHands said...

Aren't those things neat? I bought one for Joe for his birthday a few years ago....it's for putting bolts and screws in so they don't lose them! I would of never thought of using one for pins! Great find Mona!

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

lol...hubby's do come up with good ideas every once in awhile! This one is perfect for the sewing room!

GrandmaLindasHouse said...

What a clever husband you have!

Mountainside Crochet said...

That magnet bowl is a terrific idea for holding sewing pins. Very clever.

BeadedTail said...

Well that's very clever! He may have just happened on a new product idea!

Chris said...

What a wonderful idea! Great hubby you have. ;)

CBLandCO. Jewelry And Gifts said...

Wow, what a wonderful idea Mona! What a clever hubby you have :)

The Back Yard Bear said...

I've seen them sold at the Dollar Store so they aren't expensive at all.

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